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Fire System

SMS fire is a certified fire protection company, provide high quality installations, testing, inspection, maintenance and repairs. We offer a wide range of services including but not limited to; Fire Alarm Systems; Fire Alarm Panel Installations; Fire Extinguishers; Emergency Lighting; Fire Hydrant Inspections; Smoke Alarms; CO2 Detection Systems; Kitchen Suppression Systems; Special Hazard; Security and Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems. We carry general liability insurance and are also covered under WSIB.

We have earned our customers trust by delivering quality service, responsiveness, consistency and our commitment to service excellence. Sean, what should be The name of company ? SMS FIRE PROTECTION does it make sense?

Alarm Systems

SMS is a ULC listed alarm installation company. As such we are registered with Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) and must comply with their stringent regulations.

Alarm SystemsWe install Intrusion Alarm and Fire Trouble Alarm systems. We also offer 3rd Party Alarm Monitoring through our partnerships with local monitoring stations, such as Graham Alarm Monitoring and Counterforce

We Install and Service:
DSC Alarms
Paradox Alarms

Suite Alarm Systems

Security Management Systems specializes in installing and servicing Suite Alarm Systems for High Rise Residential buildings. These Alarms provide Suite Security and consist of Door Contacts, Motion Detectors, Glass Break Detectors and other hard wired or wireless devices that communicate with a Suite Alarm Panel inside the unit and are Monitored by a (24) Hour Security Guard in the building.

We install and Service the following Suite Alarm Systems:
RBH SafeSuite
Europlex (Service only)

Access Control Systems

SMS installs and services Access Control Systems for High Rise Residential and Commecial buildings. Our technivcians have be trained and certified to install many of the major "non-proprietary" access control systems. Our installations require us to install computer software, card readers (including Proximity, Bio-metric and RF Technology), Electric Door Strikes, Magnetic Door Locks, Door Contacts, conduit and cabling. We set up each access system with Access Schedules and Profiles for Employees, Residents and Visitors to ensure effective access control.

Access Control SystemsWe Install and Service the following Access Control Systems:
Keyscan Access Control Systems
Cansec Access Control Systems
RBH Access Control Systems
Kantech Access Systems
Hartmann Controls Access Systems
Condoplex Access Control Systems
Protege Access Control Systems
Paradox Access Control Systems
Verex Access Control Systems

We also provide proximity Access Cards, Key Fobs and Remote Transmitters for:

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Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone Entry SystemsWe install and service all makes and models of Telephone Entry Systems used for access control purposes by Visitors on the Main doors of commercial and residential buildings. These include Hard Wired Intercoms, Paper, Scrolling LCD and Touch Screen Directory models A Visitor communicates directly with a Resident or Tenant who releases the Electric Door Strike on the subject door to permit access.

TES Makes/Models include: Mircom; DoorGuard; Door King; Linear; Condoplex; Viscount; Sentex.

CCTV Systems

CCTV SystemsWe install wide range and high quality installation of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), video cameras and monitors used for remote surveillance in various commercial and residential sites. We also install IP cameras, Network Video Recorders and configure them for viewing and reviewing from anywhere in the world over the internet.

CCTV Systems Makes/Models include: Speco; Watchnet; Bosch; Samsung; Geovision; ExacqVision.

Automatic Door Operators

SMS installs Automatic Door Operators for High Rise Residential, Commercial and Retail clients. Our turnkey service includes the installation of Electric Door Strikes and/or Magnetic Door Locks, and the integration of the Automatic Door Operators with the buildings Access Control and Telephone Entry Systems.Automatic Door Operators

We install and Service:
Hunter Automatics
Stanley Automatics

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Automatic Sliding Door

Automatic Sliding DoorWe install and service narrow, medium, and wide configurations Automatic Sliding Doors used in commercial and residential applications. These can be configured to operate with electronic access control systems They include choices of various Glass Types, Door/Window Configurations and Custom designs.

Automatic Sliding Door Makes/Models include Hunter Automatics; FAAC; Besam; Stanley.

Barrier Gate

Barrier Gate

We install and service all types of Barrier Lift Arm Gates, Slide and swing gates. Our services include the integration of integration of Electronic Access Control, Telephone Entry and Hands Free technology.

Automatic Barrier Gates Makes/Models include: Door King, ​FAAC, CPE, Amano, NICE

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IntercomsWe install and service Intercoms for Commercial, Residential and Industrial buildings. The Intercoms are designed for custom Single or Multi-Station system purposes.

Intercom Makes and Models include; Aiphone; Mircom; TOA

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