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When it comes to security and peace of mind, there can be no second best. Security Management Services is the definition of good security. Dynamic, professional and current, with many years’ experience, you can rely on us to deliver premium service 365 days a year.

Whatever your security protection needs, whether they are specific - Concierge Security, Mobile Patrol, Alarm Response - or general guarding, we are the experts. Based in the North East, we offer superior security protection to all our Clients, no matter what the type, size and market.

Security Management Services brings its wealth of experience to every job and a highly motivated team of professionals who are trained to take care of it all. Our systems, from management to our guards on the ground, have been perfected to be robust and reliable. With strong leadership and a lifelong commitment to the business of security, Security Management Services aims to be the right choice for you.


Choosing the right security for your business is an important decision and not one that can or should be taken lightly. Security Management Services treats each and every one of our Clients as unique. To understand your individual requirements, we start by listening to your needs and then by conducting a comprehensive security survey. You can be assured that we have the breadth of knowledge and experience to always meet and even surpass your every need.

We believe in offering services which are always professional & dependable and building relationships with our Clients that are personal & important.

Call Security Management Services for all your security needs.


All Security Management Services employees receive additional security training above that required by the Ministry, in order to ensure they are capable of handling every situation as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Attention to detail and excellent interpersonal skills are all part of the requirements to become a Security Management Services Guard. Having developed significant observation skills and by gathering useful information, Security Management Services personnel can prevent crimes from occurring and ensure the health and safety of your employees and visitors on site. By being constantly aware of the surroundings, through vigilance and conducting patrols, safety equipment can be checked and potential accidents can be avoided.

As part of their induction, employees are introduced to our company policies procedures and learn how to use them. This ensures that:

  1. Every member of Security Management Services is aware of the need to work to the highest level (so that the quality of service we deliver is maintained and improved) and that they are expected to go above and beyond this level when and wherever possible.
  2. We comply with any and all environmental considerations.
  3. Everyone knows how to use the contingency plans in place in order to preserve the continuity of delivering our security services to our Clients in any eventuality.
  4. Each and every Security Management Services employee is fully aware of the Company’s expectations and the standards it demands in order to provide services that are superior in every way.

You should choose a security solution that is able to respond efficiently and effectively in the event of any incident. Our Security Guards are well trained, highly experienced and qualified First Aiders - they are prepared for anything. If required, they can also be trained as Fire Marshals. On top of all this, they will be trained to the specific requirements of your assignment.

With Security Management Services, you are in good hands.


Unlike other security companies, supervision of Security Management Services personnel is carried out by seasoned managers who take a hands-on approach to looking after you and your site. They conduct regular site visits and are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be contacted at any time via our control room facilities. On award of contract, Security Management Services will appoint a dedicated Client Manager, who will ensure that the service you receive is always of the highest quality and to your satisfaction. Your Client Manager will hold regular meetings with you to discuss contract progress, site updates and any new requirements. They will also provide ongoing information, advice and support.

It is because of this executive level of involvement that we are able to monitor the ever-changing needs of our Clients, whilst at the same time keeping a close eye on the performance level and discipline of our workforce. This allows us to deliver exceptional customer service, build a successful working relationship and ensure the smooth and efficient running of security on your site.

We treat every Client like they are our only Client.

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