Concierge Security

We provide a welcoming and safe atmosphere in your building by bringing together top security protection and excellent customer service in order to deter crime (e.g. intruders, theft and vandalism) and to offer a high value standout service for you, your visitors, customers, residents, etc.

Our Concierge Security provides a friendly and reassuring presence and will:

  • Patrol and keep watch over your business or residential complex 24/7.
  • Manage access control.
  • Facilitate parking control.
  • Maintain fire and other emergency & safety procedures.
  • Monitor CCTV.
  • We can also assist by:
  • Managing reception.
  • Registering visitors.
  • Accepting deliveries.
  • Responding to the needs of visitors, employees, residents, etc.

For a Security Service in your building that is second to none,

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