Alarm Response

No matter how good an alarm system is, without monitoring and back-up it is ineffective.  Security Management Services can supplement your alarm system with our 24/7 alarm response service.  Any alarm activation will be responded to by our experienced security protection team, eliminating any risk to you or your staff.  A Security Management Services mobile unit will quickly be on the scene and will carry out a full site inspection to make sure everything is secure.  We will liaise with the emergency services and remain on site until your property is re-secured. No alarm by itself will protect your business or property the way Security Management Services can.

 Contact us to see how affordable protection by SECURITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES can be.

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For more information on any of Security Services, or to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your security requirements, please contact us.

We will be pleased to contact you to discuss your security service requirements in more detail.

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