News & Events – Launched with new features and new look

February 2016 : – Launched with new features that includs:
  • Residents can register their Visitor`s vehicle using our website (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year), under the properties Visitors Parking Rules.
  • system is confidential, secured and protect any personal information
  • We will provide all residents a unique PIN to log-in the site
  • Residents can not register any vehicle if they exit the limit
  • Management also have access to the system from any location and review/monitor the vehicle registrations
  • Management can ban any vehicle(s) licence plate
  • Any vehicle found parked illegally without registering through, results in receiving a Parking Infraction Notice from our M.L.E.O. officer for parking without authorization. Our Mobile Patrol Supervisor will be visiting your site 3 days a week or as per your requirement and will check online visitor parking registration before tag any vehicle.
  • We will only be able to issue warning notices until such time that property has been inspected and certified by the Parking Enforcement Unit City of Toronto.
  • If this is acceptable to you, then we need a letter from you requesting that you would like us to provide tagging services for your property.  Then we will forward the same with our letter of request to City of Toronto (Parking Control Division) for their approval.  Once the site is inspected and approved, only then we will be able to start doing tagging. 
  • We can also supply and install the required Parking Signs necessary for Parking Enforcement Approval on your property.

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