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26th September 2015 marked the opening of 5th SMS Annual Cricket League, after the brief ceremony speech by the team owner Sean O’Brien and team introduction to our honourable guest Joanne Rowe (ADI Burtek) the coin was flipped by Jason Guthrie (Keyscan) our second honourable guest.


Guardians excited to win the toss elected to bat first as they predicted the pitch to repeat its performance of 2014 and would able to score a sizeable total.
Special thanks to Paul Velasquez who had young cricketers involved in fielding the ball in basket game to test the talent of young cricketers, the winners being Ishan and Umaya.
Respected Ladies had their taste of bowling the wicket, the winner being Shami Nahid and Anamika Das

Finally are special thanks to all our sponsors ADI Burtek, Keyscan, Cansec, BD Printers, CCTV Direct, Tried & Tevelec without whom this grand event would not be possible.

Lastly it would not be fair to end without thanking our umpire Ishan Fernando and commentator Amresh Rajarathnam without them the game would not be fair and entertaining with their sporting decisions and comments. 

Guardian batting line up capitulated in the face of a dominating bowling and fielding performance from Techies that saw them bowl the Guardians for a paltry 50 runs, Techies centered to the target with 24 balls and 9 wickets to spare. Eventually the shambolic batting performance ensured that Techies didn’t even have to break a sweat in their bid to seal the 2015 trophy.

Every bowling change enforced by Techies captain Imran thereon, reaped rewards, Perinparajah brothers Ganan and Shannan gave a sound start to Techies, debutant Ganan in his first over with his straight line and length gave only 1 run then Shannan 3 balls later had Tasnim, caught behind by Imran, Shodhan earned the prize wicket of Waseem and Ashim having both of them caught behind by Imran, Sudesh, Zia & Allan wrapped up the remaining 5wickets.

Behind the wickets Imran emerged as one of the finest wicket keeper that SMS has seen with 4 catches and 2 run out’s, was certainly highlight of Guardians debacle. Ganan, Zia and Russell with great all round performance emerged as fine debutants and stand strong to be selected next year; another promising debutant Jeff Carreon remained uncapped.

Techies resurrected their innings with a fine batting performance from Sudesh, scored 41 not out the balance score was supported by Michael, Russel and Imran, they now lead in the SMS Cricket league by 3 -2

Sudesh for his best all round performance bagged the award for Man of the Match for the second time Priotosh for best batsman, Shodhan for best bowler and Ashim for his fine fielding.

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